Fellipe Andrew Crowned 2021 IBJJF Champion Following Pena DQ

Fellipe Andrew is the new 2021 IBJJF black-belt Open Class Champion. The announcement comes after USADA placed sanctions on Felipe Pena for his second doping violation.

Andrew lost to Pena via points in the semi-finals, and Pena was granted the title after Nicholas Meregali was DQ’d for conduct and unable to compete in the Finals against Pena.

In the wake of the USADA sanctions, Kaynan Duarte’s performance has now been granted a Silver Medal, with Max Gimenis receiving Bronze.

The adult male black belt super-heavy division results have also changed, and Harryson Pereira has been awarded third place. Pereira had lost to Pena via Cross Choke in the Quarter-Finals round of the super-heavy division.

Pereira posted an Instagram story of the results in Portuguese. In English, it reads “I’ll talk about it later. But only for those who asked me about it.”

Jiu-Jitsu Times has reached out to Andrew’s camp for comment.

The post Fellipe Andrew Crowned 2021 IBJJF Champion Following Pena DQ appeared first on Jiu-Jitsu Times.

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