Faria and Barral show how to get vice-like grips

Rômulo used his grip to good effect at 2011 Worlds. Photo: John Lamonica.

Ultimately, just how important are grips in Jiu-Jitsu training and competition? In GRACIEMAG #174, now at bookstores, we illustrate how grips, like technique and physical conditioning, can make all the difference when it’s time to compete. To what point are they essential, how do you perfect them?

“I like doing pullups with the gi and climbing rope. I also like hanging a gi on a bar and hanging on as long as I can. That helps me to find my comfort zone when competing,” says Rômulo Barral.

Bernardo tests his grip against Lagarto. Photo: John Lamonica.

“It’s common to feel pain after the first match of a championship. Our bodies are pumped full of adrenaline and we exert ourselves more than we need to. To get used to that, I train while already exhausted at the academy. Once I’m already fully fatigued, I do another two rolls. That way I learn to deal with this type of situation,” says Bernardo Faria.

To get up to speed with your grips, hit the bookstore nearest you to get your copy of GRACIEMAG #174, and click here to subscribe and receive future issues in the comfort of your own home.

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