Exclusive: Leo Vieira will face Chael Sonnen in ADCC surperfight. Frank Mir out

Leo Vieira Photo by Erin Herle

Leo Vieira at ADCC 2013, in China. Erin Herle/GRACIEMAG

Another casualty has been confirmed for ADCC 2017, set to take place Sep. 23–24 in Finland. Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir is out. He was going to fight Chael Sonnen in a superfight.

Replacing Mir is Checkmat leader Leo Vieira. An ADCC veteran, he was was initially going to compete in the 66kg division.

Talking to Graciemag, Vieira said that advanced conversations had already happened between him and the organization. His ideal opponent would be Vitor Shaolin, an old rival. But Vieira said he was up for any challenge, and so the Sonnen fight was agreed to.

How well do you think Vieira will do on such short notice? Let us know in the comments.

Under 66kg

Rubens Cobrinha
Uranov Zhakshylyk
Janusz Andrejczuk
Justin Rader
Pablo Mantovani
Paulo Miyao
Yuta Shimada
Ethan Crelinsten
Kuba Witkowski
Bruno Frazatto
Geo Martinez
Eddie Cummings
Augusto Tanquinho
AJ Agazarm
Baret Yoshida

Under 77kg

Lachlan Giles
Tero Pyylampi
Mansher Khera
Felipinho Cesar
Marcelo Lapela
Osmanzan Kassimov
Vagner Rocha
Oliver Taza
Garry Tonon
Lucas Lepri
JT Torres
Gilbert Durinho
DJ Jackson
Celsinho Venicius

Under 88kg

Craig Jones
Jesse Urholin
James Brasco
Murilo Santana
Kaynan Casemiro
Kit Dale
John Salter
Piotr Marcin Frechowicz
Romulo Barral
Keenan Cornelius
Gordon Ryan
Pablo Popovitch
Xande Ribeiro
Leandro Lo
Dillon Danis
Rustan Chsiev

Under 99kg

Roman Dolidze
Kamil Uminski
Eliot Kelly
Mahamed Aly
Salomão Ribeiro
Yukiyasu Ozawa
Paul Ardila
Abdurakhman Bilarov
Yuri Simões
Luiz Panza
Dean Lister
Rafael Lovato
Felipe Preguiça
João Assis
Jake Shields
Mike Perez

Over 99kg

Orlando Sanchez
Arman Zhanpeisov
Khamzat Stambulov
Tom DeBlass
Victor Honório
Hideki Sekine
Casey Hellenberg
Abdulaev Ruslan
Vinny Magalhães
Marcus Buchecha
Roberto Cyborg
João Gabriel Rocha
Jared Dopp
Jeff Monson
Mario Rinaldi
Tim Spriggs


Under 60kg

Mackenzie Dern
Bia Basílio
Rikako Yuasa
Elisabeth Clay
Ffion Davies
Michelle Nicolini
Beatriz Mesquita
Tammi Musumeci

Over 60kg

Talita Treta
Tara White
Samantha Cook
Gabi Garcia
Jessica Flowers
Amanda Santana
Venla Luukkonen
Marysia Malyjasiak


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