Evolve MMA hits the news

Our GMA member in Singapore could not be happier. Rafael “Gordinho” Lima is very proud of the success his BJJ program in the traditional Evolve MMA school is having.


The classes are packed with students to the point Gordinho has to recruit new professors frequently. So far, seven black belts came from Brazil and the USA to teach in Asia.

Now, the BJJ program and the school as a whole has attracted some major media attention. Last week, the international news agency Reuters featured two stories on Evolve MMA.


Asia set for mixed martial arts revolution”, an article on the surging popularity of MMA in Asia which also quotes Evolve’s Kru, Muay Thai and MMA Chatri Sityodtong extensively; and “Tangling with a human tarantula”, an interview with Rafael.

The stories were picked up by numerous media outlets, such as ABC News (USA), The Guardian (UK), The China Post and The Jakarta Globe (Indonesia).

And to make the moment even more special, Evolve MMA is opening a new school. The Evolve Far East Square will be up and running next month.

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