European 2010: an absolutely thrilling Saturday

The break is over.

After making the rounds as mere tourists around the breathtaking Portuguese capital, the black belts went to work on Saturday, the third day of competition at the 2010 European Championship.

The absolute gathered 23beasts who guaranteed the spectators packing the bleachers of the Casal Vistoso gymnasium,thirsty for good Jiu-Jitsu, would leave satisfied.

Rodrigo Cavaca and Guto Campos will dispute the final on Sunday, but the two weren’t the only stars to shine.Tarsis Humphreys, Igor Silva, Pedro Bessa and Rodrigo Caporal put on shows as well.

The absence that drawing most attention was Ricardo Demente.

Beyond the men’s absolute black belt, the girls also had their open weight competition, too, and Beatriz Mesquita and Ida Hansson overcame their adversaries to secure berths in the final.

And to round out the day, the blue belt national team dispute  shook up the early evening in Lisbon. Among the heavies, Finland came out on top in the battle between Viking nations against Sweden, 3 to 1. At lightweight, Brazil succumbed once again to a French national team, 3 to 2. As in 1998, in Paris, and in 2006, in Germany, the South Americans could not withstand the “Alez le bleu!!!” war cry.

Check now an exclusive gallery with the best images from day three of the European 2010.

[flickr set=72157623193710431]

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