Estima and Popovitch train for ADCC together

There’s exactly two weeks to go till the start of ADCC 2011, and has unveiled a bombastic partnership between two major grappling powers.

The two biggest names from the last event, in 2009, have decided to join forces for the final stretch in training.

On one side, the current absolute champion and winner of the under-88kg division, the man who wowed the world with a reverse triangle as sneaky as it is indefensible.

On the other, the man who persisted with great technique and determination till the last minute, managing to unseat Marcelo Garcia and take home the under-77kg trophy, after having struck out on two prior attempts.

Those who’ve been keeping up with the goings-on in the grappling world know we’re talking about Bráulio Estima and Pablo Popovitch.

Estima explains how the exchange came about: “Early in the year Pablo and I spoke over Twitter, saying how we each would like to visit the other’s academy. When it was announced that the ADCC would be in Nottingham, right near my home, it turned out to be an excellent opportunity for that visit to take place. We got in touch again and felt it would be cool to spend the last two-and-a-half weeks training at my academy to finish up our preparations.”

“Carcará” also spoke of how training with Popovitch, who in 2011 will compete in the under-88kg division, can help him manage to win his supermatch with Ronaldo Jacaré: “Pablo’s explosiveness is reminiscent of Jacaré’s and his wrestling is really refined, which to me will be Jacaré’s strength in this match. As Pablo moved up a division for this ADCC and I’m a guard player, we each could make good use of each other’s experience. Training is going strong, with my brother Victor Estima and the great Lúcio Lagarto also participating.

And what was already good may become even better. There’s another stalwart submission savant who’s joined the group: “Training is already really burly and next week Roger [Gracie] will come to round out the team,” says Bráulio in finishing.

As you already know, the best and most complete coverage of ADCC 2011 will be right here on

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