“Esquire” catches Dana White’s irritation with Lyoto

Prestigious American publication “Esquire” succumbed to MMA and went to find out what Dana White’s got, besides his thousands of followers on Twitter.

In an enjoyable profile, reporter Mike Sager went to Las Vegas to witness curious moments in the routine of the UFC president, whose brand is today appraised at 1 billion dollars, according to “Forbes” magazine.

The Don King of the 21st century had been followed around by “Esquire” before, during and after UFC 104, and screamed bloody murder after the result of the light heavyweight title fight between Lyoto Machida and Mauricio Shogun.

Machida can’t even walk!” Dana White

“Machida got beat. He sat there after the press conference because he didn’t want to limp in front of all those people. He can’t even walk,”said White in the article, revealing his common fan side, which MMA lovers around the world know so well. The reporter also caught the moment when Dana offered Shogun a rematch in the dressing room, bringing the Curitiba native’s team to embrace each other and celebrate.

Check out some more highlights from the article:

“According to the dispute-resolution clause in their contract, disagreements between Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta are to be resolved via a “Sport Jiu-Jitsu match,” three five-minute rounds, refereed by White and “decided by submission or points.”

”When he (Dana White) smiles, his mouth sags slightly on the lower right side — the result, he says, of a fight in his youth with a pair of twin neighbors. He had one of them pinned on the ground when the other hit him in the face with a shovel.

“He can throw his feet as fast as other guys throw their hands,” he told the press. “He’s only a couple fights away from being called, pound-for-pound, the best MMA fighter in the world.”

Dana White goes to Shogun’s dressing room to deliver a 250-thousand-dollar conciliation check:

“No, thank you,” White says. “Great fight. Really great fight.” “But listen. Next time? Be more aggressive at the end. When there’s thirty seconds left, go for it, steal the round, you know what I mean?”

“I know I know I know,” Shogun says.

Check out the complete article by clicking here.

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