Dying to fight MMA, Demente celebrates double win at UFC Expo

Demente (no shirt) in one of his six matches at Grapplers Quest last Saturday. The black belt submitted everyone at the UFC 118 fair. Photos: Personal archive.

Ricardo “Demente” Abreu can’t wait to kick off his MMA career.

In the meantime, he’s training full on with beasts like André Galvão and Ronaldo Jacaré. But to sense the smell of the arena from up close, the heavyweight from São Paulo went to Boston, Massachusetts, to compete at the UFC Fan Expo, a fair where a special edition of Grapplers Quest went down Friday and Saturday to entertain the fans at UFC 118.

After three matches, Demente won the no-gi absolute on Friday, again demonstrating how he is one of the toughest competitors around these days, having been the only one to escape tapping out to Roger Gracie at the last World Championship.

Ricardo then went on to don his pants and coat for a double win, as he reported to as soon as he came back from Boston.

“Thank God I won over there! I had three matches in the absolute and got the submission in all three,” said Demente. “I also did the gi absolute, had another three matches and three submissions.”

“In grappling, the main division at the competition, it was a sudden-death bracket; whoever lost was out. I won the three matches by tapout: the first with an armbar in twenty five seconds; the second I won by kneebar in nineteen seconds; the third by armbar again, in just over fifty seconds,” he says.

“In Jiu-Jitsu I had another three matches. Tthe first I won by kneebar in thirty eight seconds. The second I won by armbar in fifty five seconds, and the third (the final) by choke after one minute and twenty five seconds,” he says in closing.

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