Dinner for Anderson Silva ends in controversy for Ronaldo

Ronaldo and Anderson meet up in São Paulo. Photo: publicity.

A laid back dinner party in honor of Anderson Silva at the house of Ronaldo “Phenomenon”, the former soccer star, ended in a fight… a fight in the courts.

The party held in the Brazilian city of São Paulo for Anderson, who is managed by Ronaldo’s talent management company 9ine, was lively, attended by the UFC champion, soccer star Roberto Carlos, actress Fernanda Paes Leme, business people and other notable figure.

The controversy arose just now, when a photographer for “O Estado de São Paulo” newspaper released photos of the soccer player smoking in his home.

Ronaldo accused the photographer of invading his privacy and said, over @ClaroRonaldo, his twitter account, that he will be suing.

“I always respected the photographers and always tried to help. But this time they went too far! Climbing the fence to take pictures inside my house… I will take legal measures…” said Ronaldo.

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