Danillo Índio wins in the shark cage

Danillo in the WEC / Photo: Josh Hedges

Shark Fights 14 took place this Friday at Fair Park City Coliseum in Lubbock, Texas. Among the highlights of the night was Danillo “Índio” Villefort, who won the main event.

There was no lack of action on the night. Índio and Matt Horwich had an action-packed fight with plenty of striking and ground attacks. The Brazilian got the better of the three-round affair, but Horwich was in it to win it. In the final round Índio landed solid strikes, to which Horwich replied with an omoplata in the final seconds. But it was too late, the win went to the black belt via unanimous decision. The win marks Danillo’s fourth in a row since leaving the UFC.

In the female fight of the night Tara La Rosa got the better of Carina Damm with a heelhook early in the second round, now making it the Brazilian’s third consecutive loss.

Check out the complete results:

Shark Fights 14
Lubbock, Texas, USA
March 11, 2011

Danillo Villefort defeated Matt Horwich via unanimous decision
Tara LaRosa submitted Carina Damm via heelhook
Mikel Bronzoulis defeated Lucas Lopes via unanimous decision
Eric Davila knocked out Alex Cisne
Gabe Vasquez submitted Layne Hernandez via guillotine
Joseph Sandoval defeated Sean Shakour via judges’ decision
Quaint Kempf submitted Donnie Frye
Derek Cansino-Davila defeated Larry Garcia via judges’ decision
Ryan Benoit defeated Matt Espinoza via technical knockout
Matt Dodgen defeated Gino Davila via judges’ decision
Mark Martinez submitted Jonathen Valencia
Cesar Rodriguez Jr. submitted Tommy Gomez
Matt Hobar submitted Jeremy Gauna

(Collaborator: Junior Samurai)

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