Dana White, UFC President, does an 86-Hour Hydration Only Fast: Is This Really Good and Beneficial?

One of the most renowned figures in the world of MMA, Dana White, recently did an 86-hour hydration-only fast and now he shares hsi experience publicly through social media. According to what he said he’s very enthusiastic about this method. “Hey guys, I just got done fasting for 86 hours. I feel like a superhero, I feel incredible, and I wanna tell you how I did it.” According to his age of 54 his before and after photos are pretty good-looking. His photos showcase a solid physical transformation, and actually a more defined and leaner physique. He expressed his feelings stating how incredible he felt: “I did an 86-hour water fast and I feel INCREDIBLE!” Although Dana is not a healthcare professional, he said things he believes are beneficial for his body while using fasting. he mentioned reducing risks from serious diseases like cancer and others. In his fasting method, he was consuming electrolytes together with water twice a day together with a mix of a very low calory bone broth. “That is the cleanest broth available, you can pick this up anywhere. You do this twice a day for the next two days. You drink all your water with electrolytes, but you do this twice a day. You’re going to feel incredible.” While Dana White is pretty happy with this method and he feels great, let’s see what doctors say about this fasting method. Let’s jump into a few pros and cons. I did an 86 hour water fast and i feel INCREDIBLE! Obviously i’m not a doctor, but i’ve been told by the experts that water fasting can help to significantly reduce the risk of cancer, alzheimers and a ton of other health issues. — danawhite (@danawhite) November 16, 2023 Pros and Cons of the 86-Hour Hydration-Only Fast: Pros: Detoxification and Autophagy: May aid in cellular repair and removing toxins from the body. Weight Loss: This can result in significant weight loss due to calorie restriction. Mental Clarity: Many people report enhanced focus and mental clarity during and after fasting. Potential Health Benefits: Might reduce the risk of chronic diseases and improve heart health. Cons: Nutrient Deficiencies: Extended fasting without proper guidance can lead to deficiencies in essential nutrients. Physical Side Effects: May include fatigue, dizziness, and weakness. Not Suitable for Everyone: Particularly risky for individuals with certain health conditions or nutritional needs. Risk of Overeating Post-Fast: There’s a possibility of overcompensating with food intake after the fast ends. So, Is the 86-Hour Hydration-Only Fast Good or Bad? It’s not really an easy answer because it usually depends on individual health conditions, lifestyle, and how this fasting method is conducted. Individual Differences:   We’re all different so there’s no secret formula to anything that applies to anyone. So is fasting. The effects can vary pretty much from person to person. They greatly vary between people of different ages, health statuses, lifestyles, and most importantly, how one’s body reacts to prolonged fasting. Medical Supervision:   It’s a must to visit professional healthcare before trying this method. We must check all our potential risks to mitigate them as much as possible. Potential Health Benefits:   There’s a lot of evidence on the internet about fasting enhancing detoxification in our organisms. But also, improves mental clarity and probably reduces the risk of cancer because cancer needs to feed on something. It also promotes weight loss, improves insulin sensitivity, and decreases all kinds of inflammation in our body. Risks and Challenges:   When there are a lot of benefits there are usually some risks included, and so is with this 86-hour fasting method. When we fast we’re missing a lot of things in our body that actually keep us alive, right? So,m we may feel a bit of dizziness, and some muscle loss, and it’s very emotionally, and physically challenging not to eat anything for 3 and a half days. In conclusion, while the 86-hour hydration-only fast has shown impressive results for Dana White, its effectiveness may vary from one person to another. It’s a must to approach such a regimen under professional guidance. Keep that in mind. The post Dana White, UFC President, does an 86-Hour Hydration Only Fast: Is This Really Good and Beneficial? appeared first on BJJ World .
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