Dana White: UFC closer to create MMA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup trophy. The UFC wants to make it there. Publicity photo.

To Dana White, the president of the largest MMA organization in the world, UFC Japan in 2012 and the first “The Ultimate Fighter” reality show in Brazil – and on powerhouse TV network Globo, at that – are signs of the consolidation of MMA’s standing in the world. But to the organizational top dog, that’s just the tip of the iceberg of how far they aim to go.

In White’s plans for the not-so-distant future is the dream of putting the winners of TUF reality shows around to the world into something of a “World Cup” of MMA, to see which country takes it. It’s quite an idea, which White says he has been toying with for around five years now, and one that shouldn’t be long in coming to fruition.

“MMA is spreading like wildfire, and there isn’t a country in the world – and I say that literally – you can point a finger to and say, there isn’t a great fighter there. There’s a potential champion all over the world these days,” said White at a press conference held over this internet this Wednesday.

The starting point for this World Cup will be the Brazilian version of TUF, where White hopes to launch a new talent. The program with the Brazilian fighters will be aired in the US on channel Fuel, and there are forthcoming international TUFs planned for Canada, the Philippines and England.

UFC on Fox 1, headlined by Cain vs. Cigano, will be broadcast live in 19 countries.

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