Dana White still bent on Anderson vs. GSP

Photo: publicity

The UFC is in desperate search of someone who can beat Anderson Silva, the record-holder for back-to-back wins in the UFC (12) so far unbeaten in the event. The closest to come to beating the champion was Chael Sonnen, at UFC 117, but he ended up losing in the waning moments of his title challenge. Thus promotion president Dana White announced a rematch will take place.

However, White has again revisited the subject of another adversary for the “Spider”. Indeed, it is a matchup MMA fans have been asking for, one involving a showdown between the middleweight champion and the welterweight champion, Georges St.-Pierre.

“They have their commitments before that, but I’m not opposed to making this fight. GSP will face Josh Koscheck in TUF and Jake Shields is with us now, too. Anderson has Sonnen ahead of him and Vitor Belfort is in the mix. They have to face those guys to clean out the division,” said White to a crowd at the UFC Fan Expo in Boston.

Sylvio Behring sees no way GSP can beat Anderson. Photo: publicity.

Truth be told, the matchup has been speculated on for some time. In an interview with NOCAUTE magazine, Anderson’s Jiu-Jitsu coach at the time remarked:

“There’s no way St.Pierre can face Anderson, for being so much lighter. It’s like putting the king of the cats against the king of the mice,” wagers Sylvio Behring.

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