Dana White hints Strikeforce won’t renew Fedor’s contract

Fedor injured in photo and, according to Dana White, now unemployed / Photo: Strikeforce

Legendary Russian Fedor Emelianenko’s four-fight contract with Strikeforce has come to an end in a melancholic manner – three losses, among them last Saturday’s first-round knockout at the hands of Dan Henderson, and just one win, over Brett Rogers. Now, a new contract and the Russian’s very career are under threat, at least in UFC president and Strikeforce owner Dana White’s opinion.

Queried as to whether Fedor will be cut loose, Dana’s reply to a group of reporters on Wednesday was, “Yes, yes. Or do you feel we should keep him fighting for us?” Faced with further prying, Dana said, “From what I know, he’s going to be released. I believe he will. But I don’t deal with that, I’m taking care of the UFC here.”

Could the Russian be so out of favor that Strikeforce and the UFC would let him go fight for another organization? Check back for forthcoming chapters, here on

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