Current team champion looks to maintain team title

Kauê Damasceno is one of the team's great hopes. Photo: Carlos Ozório

fter indecision as to whether the team will participate in the coming Brazilian Team Nationals, André Marola, one of the heads of Jiu-Jitsu at team Nova União, contacted to confirm last year’s winning team is in.

We didn’t want to enter without being able to compete on even terms with the other teams, but now, I can tell you we’re going to hold on to the title. We’ll repeat what we did in 2009,” he warns.

“At black and brown belt, we’re taking a heavyweight team. At purple belt, we’re taking heavyweight and middleweight teams. Now at blue, we’re going in with all the adult and juvenile teams,” adds Marola.

The competition will take place this Saturday at Rio de Janeiro’s Tijuca Tennis Club. Check back with for coverage.

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