Crosley Gracie promotes first black belt

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More than ninety students were recently promoted at Crosley Gracie Academy’s belt ceremony on December 4. This occasion was even more special due to the fact that Professor Crosley Gracie promoted his first black belt.

Ryan promoted

Ryan Murphy has been training for over twelve years and has shown tremendous commitment to improving not only as a martial arts practitioner, but also as a martial arts gym manager and instructor.

With a background in wrestling and a B.A. in psychology from Fresno State University, Ryan has been Crosley’s right hand man at the Academy in Brentwood, California, for the past several years.

With a competition background that goes back to his teen years, Ryan has remained active, placing in almost every single major tournament he entered. Among his wins are the US Open (2003/2005), Copa Pacifica(2003), Gracie Open (2003/2005), Pan (3rd place in 2009/2010), and more recently, gold at the 2010 No-Gi Worlds.

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