Copa Pódio: JT to face Leandro Lo in his first match

JT in action at IBJJF Asian Open, in Japan / Photo: Kinya Hashimoto

Today the first match for Lloyd Irvin prodigy JT Torres, the lone international star on the roster for the Copa Pódio lightweight GP, was announced. He will be facing Leandro Lo, the current lightweight champion of Brazil and one of the top talents in the latest generation of Jiu-Jitsu competitors.

The only prior encounter between the two occurred at the 2011 Brazilian National Championship, which Lo won by two advantage points.

As there is an odd number of athletes in the groups, one competitor will receive a bye with each round. Thus JT’s will sit out a match before going through to the second round and face Leandro Lo, who will have faced Moacir Mendes Jr. in the first.

Who do you have pegged to take the GP? Comment below.

Copa Pódio will be held under the group system, where all the athletes from group A face off, as do those from group B. The best placed go through to the next stage.

Check back with for more breaking news about the December 17 Copa Pódio in Porto Alegre.

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