Consolation Medals at Competitions

I think everyone or mostly everyone has known at least one person who maybe has received that consolation medal at a competition. Maybe its even been yourself. The fact that you went out there an competed is great, and you should be proud, but there is one thing I do want to talk about. If you receive a consolation medal, should you or whomever, post a picture of themselves on the podium captioning it with “I WON second place.” If there are two people in a division, and you lost your match, you did not WIN second place.  This applies to any place as well.

Another example is when you’re the only person in your bracket. While it is not your fault if there is no one in your bracket, don’t post a picture standing on top of the podium saying you won first place. Not only is it an inaccurate statement, but its disrespectful to the sport and to those who REALLY do win and fight many matches to earn their way to the podium.

To be honest, I can almost see why some people may do this. They want validation from others around them. Maybe they don’t want others knowing they lost their only match or there was no one else in their bracket. Humans love praise, but as much as we love it we have to be honest with ourselves and with those around us. Be honest when you compete, and people will have more respect for that fact alone. So you received a consolation medal? So? Post that and talk about your experience. People can and will appreciate that so much more than a medal you didn’t really win.

Do I think there should be some form of consequence for those who do this? Honestly, no because they have to live with their dishonesty and I believe that in itself is enough. I don’t even think we would be able to actually keep track of people even doing this, but it is most certainly out there. Jiujitsu is a sport of dedication and hard work, and to de-value that by posting pictures in relation to his topic, is really ashame.

To those who compete, win or lose, and are honest about all matches an awards, keep it up! I can truly appreciate those who go out and compete solely for the love of the sport, not the medals they may or may not win. If you do see someone doing this, call them out!

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