Congratulations to the gentle art’s woman warriors

Today, March 8, is International Women’s Day

The date first arose in Russia, when women took to the streets to protest for better living conditions.

These protests, they say, triggered the Russian revolution, which ended in the creation of the Soviet Union, in 1917.

However, even before that, in the west, they were already pondering a date to celebrate women’s fight for their rights in a male-dominated society.

During the 20th century they conquered the right to work, study, vote, run for office, love, date and marry whomever they want, and decide how many children they would have and when they would have them.

It is an endless struggle, but they are winning it.

In Jiu-Jitsu the struggle is an arduous too. They are the minority in academies, but classes exclusively for them have come about.

There are already lady masters with legions of male and female disciples. Examples like Leticia Ribeiro, Luciana Dias, Ana Laura Cordeiro and Hannette Staack come to mind.

At championships their matches vie for the crowd’s attention against the male matches, and their champions enjoy the same level of respect as the male stars do.

They can already make a living off the gentle art, traveling the world teaching seminars to a full house. Stars like Gabi Garcia, Hillary Williams, Luanna Alzuguir, Kyra Gracie, Bia Mesquita and others are some examples, to name a few.

To celebrate the date, put together a tribute in the form of a collection of photos.

There are twenty photos that express the devotion of these warriors who make their livings from Jiu-Jitsu and who are no less feminine for it and who make the world a more pleasant and – why not say it? – more peaceful and beautiful place.

Congratulations to you all, ladies!

[flickr set=72157626223244018]

Photos: Ivan Trindade, Mike Pesh

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