Comprido wins at weight and open weight in Chicago

Comprido and Hall close out absolute. Photo: Felipe Pires

Jiu-Jitsu was in evidence this Sunday in Chicago, when a gi-clad army presented arms on the mats of the Chicago Open. Lloyd Irvin was the winning team, followed by Carlson Gracie and Gracie Barra. But in the individual competition, Brasa representative Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros stole the show by taking gold in the main division.

Comprido arrived straight from Brazil, where he held some seminars, as previously reported by In the ultra heavyweight division the two-time absolute world champion beat Fabiano da Silva (Carlson Gracie). In the absolute Comprido closed out with teammate Ryan Hall. With two medals around his neck, the fighter now heads off to train with UFC champion Brock Lesnar, who is set to defend his title against Cain Velasquez.

Ryan Hall, who closed out the open weight class with Comrido, also came up spades at weight, winning the middleweight division.

Marcos Paulo, Carlos Lemos and Sean Bansfield served Gracie Barra well

In the black belt master division, Carlos “Escorrega” Lemos and Marcos Paulo Barros were the big surprise. After closing out the lightweight division, the duo from Gracie Barra did the same in the absolute.

Teams on the stand at Chicago Open. Photo: Felipe Pires

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