Cobrinha says he may not compete in 2011

Cobrinha, in photo by Alicia Anthony

Five-time champion Rubens Charles “Cobrinha” won’t likely be trying for his sixth conquest of the Pan featherweight division, this season. Even more dismaying to Jiu-Jitsu fans is the fact the black belt may not return at all in 2011.

“I really want to participate in the Pan, but I think I’ll have to sit it out this time. I will certainly be there, though, to help my teammates,” he tells, after explaining why.

“I’m putting together a gym in California and it’s almost ready. I’ll have to give special attention to the academy early on, because I’ll be teaching all the classes myself. But, as soon as I have time to train, I’ll be back to competing,” he says.

“I lived in Atlanta for three years, I helped Romero Jacaré teach at Alliance there. Now I live in California. I should start teaching on March 1 and on the 28th I want to have the official inauguration, with special guests, among them Romero Jacaré and Fabio Gurgel,” he adds.

Whether or not Cobrinha fights in 2011 can’t yet be said. The fighter leaves room for his fans to hope, though.

“If I do compete this year, I’ll do it like I always do: going on the attack and looking for the submission. I feel that’s what keeps our sport growing,” he says in closing.

The fans can now only hope for Cobrinha’s swift return.

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