Check out Copa Pódio tournament table

Moacir Mendes, in Green Group, will represent Alliance. Photo byHugo Valente/2009.

To make it to the top in the lightweight GP to be held December 17 in Porto Alegre, Brazil, the Copa Pódio champion will have to make it through six Jiu-Jitsu matches before fondling the trophy.

Match duration for the opening phase will be six minutes, and the athletes from the green and yellow groups face off amongst each other within their group. This stage is worth 3 points for the win and 1 for the draw.

Today, the promoters released the table fans can use to count each competitor’s score as they go.

The two athletes with the highest point tallies go through to the semifinals. The criteria for a tie-breaker, in order, are the following: 1) the result of the match directly between the two tied athletes, 2) number of finishes, 3) point tally over all matches (points for minus points against), and 4) lastly, advantage point tally (advantages for minus advantages against).

Starting in the semifinals, matches will last 10 minutes, with points not counted during the first five minutes, after which normal point and advantage scoring will apply. A whistle will alert the athletes as to the start of normal point scoring and, in the event of a draw, the winner will be determined by sudden-death, where the first athlete to score, wins. Advantage points will not count for sudden death, only full points.

Check out the Copa Pódio score table:

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