Charles Jourdain Upsets BJJ Ace Kron Gracie with Striking Masterclass

Last night UFC 288 showcased electric fights all across the board with tons of drama along the way. If you did not catch the fights last night we are here to recap what went on.

UFC 288

The main event of the night was put on by current champ Aljamain Sterling vs former champ of two divisions Henry Cejudo. Cejudo had not made a debut in the Octagon since UFC 249 so this match had all the writing on the wall to be a great one.

The championship ended up staying in the hands of the current champ ith Serling winning the matchup by split decision as two judges scored the match 48-47 for the champ and one scored the match 48-47 in favor of Cejudo. Sterling has now won 9 straight fights and sits with a record of 23-3.

There were many mixed feelings about the match up and even ended with Sean O’Malley aking an appearance after the match-up to call Sterling out for his “lack luster performance”.

Kron Gracie vs Charles Jourdain

Many of us in the Jiu-jitsu community have our ears perk up whenever we hear the last name Gracie in any kind of competition. The Gracie family has clearly had a massive impact on our sport and it is always ice to see the lineage continue its legacy in martial arts. With that being said, Kron Gracie made his UFC debut and fell short against his opponent Charles Jourdain.

Jourdain put on a striking display against Gracie and pretty much avoided all grappling attempts made by the Kron. From what we watched, it was not the most exciting fight of the night, Jourdain put up a very strategic match against Kron and ended up walking away with the victory with each judge scoring the match 30-27.

Kron has now lost his second straight match in the Octagon which may have him in search for a new fighting home.

Toward the end of the fight, there was a pretty dramatic moment between Sterling and O’Malley. The two have been chirping at each other for some time now and it looks like Sean is gearing up to make a run at the Bantamweight title.

This article was written by Bowtied Grappler. BowtiedGrappler is a pseudonymous character on the internet that is part of a digital country known as the Jungle. The jungle is a place where hardworking and like-minded individuals gather together to create a better future for themselves through the pursuit of running digital businesses. Bowtied Grappler owns and operates a website dedicated to helping spread the positive impact that jiu-jitsu and other grappling sports have on the community.

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