Celso comments on training for MMA debut

Celsinho, in white trunks, with fighters on Ryan team / Publicity photo

Roger Gracie’s host for the three-time absolute world champ’s first seminar in Brazil ever, last weekend in São Paulo, Celso Venícius didn’t even have time to savor the success of the four classes the Gracie taught.

His thoughts have already turned to his December 18 MMA debut in Macaé, Rio de Janeiro state, at the fifth Face to Face event.

Celso, a three-time world champion of the black belt lightweight division, is honing his fist and foot skills with Master Francisco Veras and Rogerinho, and brushed up on his technique at Ryan Gracie academy in São Paulo with aces like Viscardi Andrade, Armando Polêmico, Francisco “Chicão,” Gabriel Maglioli, Mauricio Croccia and Bruno Alvarez. And he’s confident he’ll pull off the win when he steps into the cage with Junior Kamikaze.

“I watched one of his fights to get an idea of what he likes to do, but my mentality is the same as it is before a Jiu-Jitsu match – I don’t drum up a strategy based on my opponent but train to impose my game on him and win my way. Training has been excellent,” Celsinho begins, revealing that he didn’t pick Strikeforce fighter Roger’s brains about MMA.

“All we talked about was cutting weight; I still have to lose seven kilos by the fight but it will be chill. I’ve shed a lot of weight already so far; I was heavy,” recalls the teacher, who is planning to do an intensive final training camp at the academy of his master, Roberto Gordo, in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro.

Face to Face
Macaé, Rio de Janeiro
December 18, 2011

Matheus Mattos (Team Nogueira) vs Rafael Coruja (FX Fight Team)
Lincoln de Sá (Art Combat) vs Leandro Feijão (Relma)
Saulo de Souza (Team Nogueira) vs Ricardo Capoeira (Macaé)
Celsinho Venicius (Gracie Fusion) vs Junior Kamikaze (Beto Padilha)
Julian Jabá (RFT) vs Eduardo Simões (BTT)
Igor Chatubinha (Team Nogueira) vs Kell Santos (Tatá Fight Team)
Leonardo Chocolate (RFT) vs Ismael Marmota (Equipe Boi)
Mario Soldado (CM System) vs Amilcar Alves (Nova União)
Gerônimo Mondragon (Lobato Team) vs Wiliam Gigante (X-Gym)

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