Ceará-state native wants chance in Jungle Fight

Andrezinho Nogueira is one of the great MMA hopes of Brazil’s northeast. The Jiu-Jitsu black belt under former UFC fighter Marcus Aurelio has been on a tear in the cage and in gentle art competition, conquering a number of medals at all belt levels.

Recently the Nogueira was mentioned by fellow fighter Renato Moicano in an article right here on The Constrictor team representative remarked that his toughest fight ever was against the very fighter from Ceará state. “Look, so far the toughest fight I’ve had was against Andrezinho Nogueira. I took a knockdown and, you can ask everyone at my academy, I have a tough chin. Only Paulo Thiago and Massaranduba could knock me out there. That time I took some real heat, but I didn’t go down,” said Moicano, following his win over Iliarde Santos at Jungle Fight.

With a trip planned to the United States, Andrezinho will spend two months at ATT in Miami, where he plans to further sharpen up his technique and get a fight, already targeting the November Jungle Fight event in his home state of Ceará.

“If Wallid Ismail gives me a chance to fight again in the biggest event in Latin America, I’ll be ready. That’s my goal, to make it to Jungle Fight here in Ceará in November and participate. That’s my biggest dream,” said Andrezinho, who trains under Master Evilázio Feitoza and has 11 wins in 15 career fights.

Keep your eye out for this beast!

(With the collaboration of Junior Samurai)

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