Cavalcanti Jiu-Jitsu Luxembourg host Master Cavalcanti and bring home medals

Master Cavalcanti with Cavalcanti Jiu-Jitsu Luxembourg. Photo: Personal Archive

Master Cavalcanti with Cavalcanti Jiu-Jitsu Luxembourg. Photo: Personal Archive

GMA Cavalcanti Jiu-Jisu Luxembourg hosted Master Ricardo Cavalcanti during their annual training camp in November. The yearly tradition is scheduled around the same time as the NAGA Europe Championship in Paris.

Head instructor Mike “Miketo” Resch, as leader of Team Cavalcanti in Europe, arranged four seminars for Cavalcanti: two in Paris, one in Luxembourg, one in Germany. The two in Paris, Cercle Tissier and Team Shinko BJJ, are two of the oldest and most renowned martial arts academy in the area. Resch says, “I wanted to offer Master Ricardo Cavalcanti the possibility to spread his knowledge as much as possible.”

As for the competition, the Luxembourg team brought seven competitors and two of them returned with medals around their necks. The results are as follows:

Jing Zhu earned a bronze medal in the white belt gi heavyweight division and a bronze medal in the no-gi beginner heavyweight division.
Raphael Geib in his first Jiu-Jitsu tournament earned a silver medal in the white belt heavyweight master division.

To complete Master Cavalcanti’s visit, he led a belt ceremony with belt testing and rank evaluations. Students were promoted as follows:

Purple belt: Mike Resch
Blue belt: Jing Zhu, Joe Possenti
Stripe promotions: David Strotz blue belt three stripes, Ken Possenti white belt four stripes, Alex Carvalho Balsa and Björn Backes white belt three stripes, Stefan Klein, Alex Nielk and Henrik Steffen white belt one stripe
Kids and youth promotions: Max Strotz grey and white belt, Jim Konsbruck white belt one stripe

Resch plans for another great edition of the “Cavalcanti Jiu Jitsu Luxembourg Training Camp & Seminar Series” in 2014 as 2013 was their most successful yet.

Learn more about Cavalcanti Jiu-Jitsu Luxembourg by visiting

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