Cavalcanti BJJ wins Quest for the Best Las Vegas

GMA member school Carlson Gracie Las Vegas / Cavalcanti BJJ was the big champion at the recent Mr Olympia Quest for the Best tournament, held in Las Vegas, last September 16-17.

Professor Ricardo Cavalcanti sure is proud of his students, as he wrote on his webpage: ” Congratulations to all students, parents, instructors, my family and friends for the support. Without you this would be impossible. Also special thanks to OTM fight sport.”

This is the second title in a row for the academy at the same event.

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Here is a list of Cavalcanti’s medalists:

Romulo Caiado Cavalcanti – purple belt open division belt champion, midle division gold medal

Issac Draskovich – green belt open division belt champion

Ramsey Drascovich – green belt belt champion

Michael Alvarez – orange and green gi and no-gi belts champion

Cameron Gomez -orange belt champion

John Buttner -orange belt silver medal

Bryant Henderson – yellow belt gold medal

Quinton Belmonte – yellow belt gold medal

Ricardo Cavalcanti Jr – blue belt silver medal

James de Fraga – blue belt silver medal

Joshua Monsivais – blue belt bronze medal

Robert Alvarez – gray belt gold medal no-gi silver medal

Bryant Pierce – white belt silver medal no-gi silver medal

Brice Pierce – white belt silver medal

Kevin Maquina – white belt silver medal

Dax Ramos – white belt gold medal

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