Cavaca students win absolutes looking ahead to No-Gi Worlds

Bochecha had another good showing. Photo: Carlos Ozório

This past weekend, the Copa America 2010 was held in Lakeland, Florida, and the students of world champion Rodrigo Cavaca cruised through in style.

Marcus “Bochecha” Almeida and Thiago “Baiano” Abreu put in solid performances. The athletes from team Armory CheckMat won both the gi and no-gi absolutes, worth $1,000 a piece, having closed out with Vagner Rocha and Pablo Popovitch.

A number of top-tier athletes competed in pursuit of the payouts, and there were some great matches. Among them was Bochecha’s win over Daniel Moraes via rear-naked choke, with the score at 11 to 0, in the no-gi absolute semifinal.

Now the Cavaca students will forsake any rest to train hard for the Miami Open coming up on October 23, as well as the No-Gi Worlds on November 7, in Long Beach.

Do as the folks at CheckMat Armory do and participate in IBJJF events:

For more on the Miami Open, click here.

For more on the No-Gi Worlds, click here.

Para saber mais sobre o Mundial Sem Kimono, clique aqui.

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