Cavaca hands out promotions from Santos to Florida

Cavaca's promotion party in Flórida. Photo: Personal archives.

The competition year is over and the month of December is traditionally one of festivities at Jiu-Jitsu academies, when they take the opportunity to promote students.

CheckMat black belt and teacher at The Armory, as well as current world champion, Rodrigo Cavaca promoted a number of athletes.

“There were one hundred students promoted in Santos alone, eight of them to black belt. I did the same in Florida, both in Jupiter and Wellington, where I have academies. There, seventy-two athletes were promoted,” he says.

Promotion in Santos.

And Cavaca doesn’t stop at that.

“January I’m heading to Lithuania, where I’ll promote another twenty students. I’m stoked about the work with the team, which is growing with every year. I owe it all to everyone in the group and also the sponsors. I’d like to end out special thanks to Joe Mullings, Fulvio Saba, Julio, and Victor Costa, as well as my whole family, students, and of course, to, which always gets word about our work out there. Merry Christmas and may the new year be full of conquests for all!” says the submission wizard.

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