Carcará comments on MMA debut: “I’ll face a top, undefeated guy “

Estima practicing his peculiar triangle with brother Victor. Photo: Craig Bush / Publicity

Logic prevailed: no ADCC absolute champion goes very long  without being approached by a good MMA event.

Now it’s time for Braulio “Caracara” Estima (Gracie Barra), who after beating Xande Ribeiro in the finals of the ADCC openweight division in Barcelona last year, sealed a three-fight deal with Shine Fights, to fight in the category under-80kg (175 pounds) division.

“Yes, it’s a done deal! I just sent the signed contract back,” an excited Estima told “Overall it was the best offer I got. The fact the event is on pay-per-view and the contract didn’t bar fighting in other countries weighed in the decision. I also liked the organizers, and I am really happy. I don’t even want to think about other events, for real: let’s go for it, but everything in due time. We should never overstep our bounds.”

On his first opponent, Carcará can’t yet reveal much information.

“I’ll fight a guy who’s undefeated in five fights! He’s one of the top guys in his martial art worldwide. I can’t provide many details yet. My bad! “Jokes the Ze Radiola black belt, adding that MMA shouldn’t keep him out of the Jiu-Jitsu Worlds:” I’ll compete, yes. There are still a lot of challenges for me there. ”

On training, Braulio is spare of detail: “I started pushing the pace now, since I have something concrete to focus on. But he justifies his breviloquence: “I’m on the blackberry and typing is rough, man!”

The Shine Fights promotion held its last event in September, whenUFC and Pride veterans like Yves Edwards, and Roan Jucão and Junior Assunção made appearances. At the next event, Shine Fight 3, Murilo Ninja faces off against Falaniko Vitale, as announced by the organizers.

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