Buchecha postpones MMA plans, says BJJ is “in its best phase in terms of pay”

Marcus Buchecha. Beatriz Lina/GRACIEMAG

Graciemag recently caught up with five-time absolute BJJ world champion Marcus Buchecha to talk about his plans to make the move to mixed martial arts. “It’s something that’s still on my radar,” he told us, “but I’m in no hurry. I’m making a good living now as a BJJ fighter and teacher — the sport is in its best phase in terms of pay. There are good cash prizes, seminars; sponsors are popping up more — so I don’t see why I’d switch right now.”

He added: “Of course, if a proposition arises that makes sense to me, I will plan the transition, but, for now, no invitation has pleased me to the point of retiring my gi. BJJ has always been my passion, my sport, what I love doing. I want to attempt MMA one day, but it would be a sport to try out and start practically from zero.”

Buchecha will be putting his grappling skills on display again at the Pro League’s Heavyweight GP, in Las Vegas, which will pay $40,000 to the champion and $10,000 to second place. Check back with us for coverage.

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