Bruno Bastos aims for sixth title at the World No-Gi and celebrates success in Texas

Bruno Bastos.

With his renewed life, about to open his own gym in Midland, Texas, black belt Bruno Bastos didn’t even stop resting. Two weeks ago, he was leading his team during the European No-Gi and Rome Open in Rome, Italy. With about 8 representatives, the Lead BJJ team was still able to win seven gold and two silver medals in the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) tournaments.

Bruno, who still won the heavyweight and was an absolute silver medalist, tells how he has been using recent competitions to succeed at the No-Gi Worlds in Anaheim, California, in December. He comes from a recent IBJJF Pan and European win, both played No-Gi.

“I have only focused on No-Gi disputes, as I am still recovering from a small partial break in the forearm musculature that occurred in my second fight at the World Master. I did podium there, but it was very complicated. Since I changed my fitness for coach Jarret Jones, who is my black belt, it has made a lot of difference so that I can get well enough in competition. I come from a Pan and European No-Gi victory and I’m excited to play in the Worlds No-Gi. I’ve won five times and want to win again. The price is being paid”, says Bruno.

Top technical competitor Bruno now also details how he has been running his affiliated academies and running his own business in Texas.

“I think the experience in competitions and high level training helps a lot. There is no way to buy experience. I was able to build a strong base here in Midland, Texas, since 2012 when I arrived. I have gym branches in very close cities, driving only between 30 and 40 minutes. Less time than I took when I lived in Rio, for example. The Team LEAD BJJ continues to grow as well and we are already in the IBJJF Top 10. Numbers do not lie. Besides, I’m in a very nice phase of my life with something that, in fact, has always been my biggest dream: to have my family. My wife grew up on the mat too. It helps a lot. Our children love the environment we have. They are always having fun on and off the mat. And now let’s realize the dream of the gym itself. So I believe that the balance is in the love, happiness and peace of mind that gives you”, concludes the champion.

Bruno has major titles in Jiu-Jitsu, such as the World and Pan (IBJJF).

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