Bronx’s Gold Team launches new talent

Ganga at Bronx's

Following Charles do Bronx’s September 15 win at UFC 22, four more fighters from Bronx’s Gold Team’s stable fight this Saturday at the Fighters 98 event. The team’s up-and-coming talent Rafael Nunes, Junior Oliveira and Junior Maranhão will be making their MMA debuts, while Rafael Costa will have a juvenile Jiu-Jitsu match at the event.

“I’m overjoyed with Charles’s win and we’re already back at work. The kids will fight this weekend at Fighters 98, and soon thereafter there will be two more fighters from our branch in Maranhão, run by my black belt Rodrigo Granola, who will fight in early October. Marcio will fight at Brasil Fight 3, at the Minas vs. São Paulo challenge, and I’m setting up fights at the Predador FC and Impacto Total events. I have a lot of really good athletes and we’re going to showcase the new talent,” stated trainer Ericson Cardozo.

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