Bráulio invites you to seminar and presents Roger, GSP and Lagarto in training

According to Roger Gracie, Bráulio Estima is in the best shape of his life, as he gets ready for his September supermatch against Ronaldo Jacaré at ADCC 2011. And what do our readers get out of that? Well, “Carcará” has an online seminar coming up on the 13th, and you’ll get to see what kind of form he’s in live.

Click here to find out how to secure your spot for a price that’s friendly on the pocketbook and even get to have your questions answered by the Gracie Barra teacher live.

While you wait for this special seminar to come around, check out Bráulio training with GSP and other grappling aces. Then, Roger and Estima comment on the differences between ADCC and sport Jiu-Jitsu rules, touching on how the submission wrestling tournament is more physically demanding, partly because positions need to be stabilized for a number of seconds, against strong and, especially, slippery opponents.

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