Black belt pedals for nearly 30 hours and is number one

Daniela pedals through the world. Photo: personal archive.

As reported last week, cyclist and world champion black belt Daniela Genovesi set off on the 720km Radmarathon race in Switzerland this week.

The race is part of the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association (UMCA) circuit. The Rio de Janeiro native won her division and took second overall, completing the race in 29:33 hours. Even having placed second, Dabi managed the top score in the UMCA ranking.

“My strategy was to do the first 600km in 24 hours or around that and then rest 30 or 40 minutes before taking off on the final 120km. But as my average speed was below what I usually do, I opted not to stop for a rest. That got me to the average I was expecting to do. I intended to complete the race in 28 hours but was satisfied with my time,” said Dani Genovesi, an Alliance black belt and mother of the team’s revelation Victor Paiva.

Now the Carioca’s next challenge will be the Race Across Oregon, a 832km course to take place on the 22nd in the United States.

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