Bisping loses cool, but begs boss’s forgiveness

Bisping in photo by Josh Hedges

The fight between Michael Bisping and Jorge Rivera was built on provocations from both sides, making it one of the most heavily anticipated at UFC 127, this Saturday in Australia.

However, the tense climate that played out during the press conference and weight-in, carried through till after Bisping had won. The Englishman, who taunted his opponents during the fight and made obscene gestures, besides bickering with Rivera, even went as far as to spit on members of the opposing team, not to mention the illegal kick in the first round.

Rivera too had taken to taunts, having posted a video deriding Bisping on the internet. But the Englishman went too far himself.

While still in the octagon, the controversial fighter reflected:

“I’m a sensitive guy. I ask forgiveness for having lost control. I respect Rivera as an opponent. He talked a lot… I am sorry, Mr. White.

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