Bia Mesquita on Five Grappling win, expectations for the Pan

Bia fighting Talita at Five. Ane Nunes/Gentle Art Media.

Beatriz Mesquita, 25, shone last weekend in San Diego, California. In a Five Grappling event, the Gracie Humaitá fighter won her six-minute superfight with Talita Alencar of Alliance.

Mesquita locked a tight leg lock in place, which her opponent escaped. The submission attempt and her pressure throughout were enough to grant her the decision win.

“It was a good fight,” she said. “It was just six minutes, and only submissions were decisive. The leg lock was in place; I think I got too excited for the submission, and she got away. I’ve watched the fight a few times to fix the errors for the Pan.”

Mesquita also spoke of the growing number of women’s superfights. “I’m proud and very happy to see how the sport has been growing, especially for women. The girls are getting the sense that it’s possible to live off of the sport, and that’s very cool. The incentive has been growing, as are the invites to fight BJJ.”

[Based on a press release.]

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