Benavidez comments on win over Rani

After the outcome of the fight in which Joseph Benavidez knocked out Rani Yahya, in the WEC, a question was left lingering. Was referee Kim Winslow too hasty in interrupting the match? In a statement made at the post-event press conference, Benavidez said his mission was complete prior to the stoppage.

“It was over. I saw his eyes roll back in his head and everything,” said the fighter, who feels the decision to stop the bout was the right one.

Against a Jiu-Jitsu specialist and former ADCC champion, Benavidez was surprised with the strategy of his opponent, who didn’t avoid the standup action.

“At the start, I thought he was going to try and take me down. Once I figured he was going to stand with me, I noticed I could throw some hard blows at him.”

With 11 wins and only one loss, Benavidez brings his record to three triumphs in his last four appearances for the WEC. Asked whether he may fight former bantamweight champion Miguel Torres, likely in March, the fighter didn’t discard the possibility.

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