Beast from Brazil’s Northeast Caio looking strong for Abu Dhabi

Caio at World Pro Tryouts / Photo: Carlos Ozório

The team was on its toes at the World Pro tryouts in the Northeastern Brazilian town of Natal. Over there, they witnessed up close Caio Alencar, a Kimura Nova União athlete, who qualified for the over 92 kg division finishing off four opponents.

“Training is still going on strong under the supervision of coach Jair Lourenço and physical conditioning coach Adriano Curinga. They are the ones taking care of my training over there. The main focus is Jiu-Jitsu, which I practice from Monday to Saturday. But I also do physical conditioning three times a week,” the fighters tells

Training in the northeast is going strong, but Caio is also planning a trip to visit Atos, with the Mendes brothers.

“I have more that sixty black belts to train with here, so I can prepare well here in Natal. But I have some trips to the academies of friends in João Pessoa, Recife, and Maceió planned. I’m going to pay a visit to the Mendes brothers, in Rio Claro, before the trip, since I’m so well received there. We’re all friends,” he says.

He expects the World Pro to be challenging, and of course, Caio is confident he will have some surprises in store for his opponents.

“I really want to face the top guys, like Gabriel Vella, Rômulo Barral, and Rodolfo Vieira, among others I know who are out there. I’m going to try and win at weight and open weight at the World Pro,” he says in closing.

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