Barral and the attention to details

Romulo Barral / photo by Dan Rod

Want a taste of the latest issue of GRACIEMAG? Check it out:

“In this month’s TRAINING FOR WARRIORS column, Martin Rooney teaches: ‘When you take care of the details, the big things resolve themselves.’ Martin is referring to the minor flaws in athletes’ physical conditioning work. ‘If you don’t fix it soon, these flaws will grow with time, keeping you from reaching your goals,’ he concludes.

“There are other characters exalting the importance of details this issue. In TRAINING PROGRAM, for example, Kyra Gracie reveals the technical minutiae that make a huge difference when facing bigger and heavier opponents. In FACE TO FACE, Gabi Garcia assays the virtues that earned her the post of most victorious female Jiu-Jitsu competitor of 2011: ‘I save my energies, keep my focus and concentration. Those are minor details that make a champion,’ asserts Gabi.

“And they truly are, as you can confirm for yourself in the part two of “he 15 best of the best in the history of the Jiu-Jitsu World Championship”. Pay attention to the details, and study to find out how Rômulo Barral’s ‘blender’ guard works.

In GINÁSTICA NATURAL, learn how details turned the tides in Vitor Belfort’s favor at the Carlson student’s last UFC fight.

“In the DOSSIER that made this issue’s cover, notice how we didn’t address any grandiose and intricate moves. We could have talked about flying armbars, for example. However, we opted for a precious particular: the grip. Starting on page 50 you’ll find an article committed to proving that sinking a grip doesn’t merely mean ‘grabbing cloth.’ It’s one of the pillars of Jiu-Jitsu, one that can mean evolution in one’s style of fighting.”

This is just the first part of the Editorial. Want to learn more? Read GRACIEMAG!

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