Bags packed for Cali, Cobrinha comments about surgery and returns to training

Cobrinha in photo by Ray Santana.

Four-time Jiu-Jitsu world champion of the featherweight division, Rubens “Charles” Cobrinha announced his joy over Twitter: “I’m back in training following surgery. I feel better than ever. had a chat with the black belt, who spoke of his injury and return to the dojo.

“The truth is that I hurt my knee for years ago. I had an injured meniscus and every year I thought about operating, but I didn’t manage to because of commitments. Fortunately, I managed to now. I operated twenty days ago and I’m already managing to train normally. Of course, I’m not yet one-hundred percent, but I’ve never felt so good. I thanks my wife, Daniela, and doctors John “X”, Aaron Schauble and Deborah Pearson, who helped me make my decision,” says Cobrinha.

“I managed to train and compete, but the injury bothered me a lot. Sometimes I’d have to stop training because of my knee. Now I won’t have that problem anymore, I’ll be able to train one-hundred percent,” he adds.

Cobrinha attacks Megaton's back. Photo: Regis Chen.

Cobrinha took advantae of his time off the mat to remember old times. What once was a livelihood now becomes therapy.

“I worked making pastries for a number of years. So, whenever I have time, I go to the kitchen and make cakes and pies. It’s therapeutic for me. I also had more time to study English,” he recounts.

With the knee problem out of the way, now the fighter is focused on other projects.

“Now I want to recover well and I don’t have a single competition lined up this year. I have a project brewing and I should move to California this year, to open an Alliance gym in those parts,” he says in closing.

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