Bags packed for Atlanta, Lepri to miss Europeans

Lepri at No-Gi Worlds / Photo by Luca Atalla

Despite his craving to be there, Alliance black belt Lucas Lepri contacted to make known the fact that he will have to sit out the European Open coming up January 26-29 in Lisbon, Portugal. The current holder of the lightweight title of the event, having shut the division out with his teammate Michael Langhi, reported the reason for his absence:

“I’m moving from New York to Atlanta. I’ve got so much to do and haven’t been able to focus on training the way I’d like to. Now I’ll be teaching at Alliance Atlanta alongside Master Jacaré.

“I’m really pleased with this new phase I’m going through, and I hope 2012 will be just like 2011—loaded with conquests,” said Lepri, who besides the European title, this year won the Jiu-Jitsu Pan, not to mention the No-Gi Worlds.

To get a glimpse of how Lucas Lepri’s campaign went at the 2011 Europeans, watch his semifinal match against JT Torres:

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