Another GMA spot in Mexico

The GMA has another member in Mexico.

Brasa Mexico DF just joined the team.

Under world champion Felipe Costa, the academy has Thomas Salgado and Pedro Jaidar as instructors.

The school’s website reads: Our interest is to promote BJJ as it is practiced in Brazil. That is why we focus on  the school side rather of the academy side of our business. We have specific programs according to our students’ interests and dedication.”

Brasa Mexico DF offers BJJ, MMA, self-defense and grappling.

And to celebrate the joining of Brasa Mexico DF, Thomas sends us some good news about the team:

“Last month during Felipe’s visit to Mexico, he held a seminar in Mexico City  which was attended by more than 30 students from several cities and was sponsored by the Mexican Jiu-Jitsu Federation. Here Felipe announced another school joining Brasa, thus making the team stronger than ever.  Professor Luis Fonseca and his students are now joining the team in Mexico DF and with the support from Felipe and all of Brasa members around the globe they will work on helping to promote the gentle art.”

To know more, go to

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