André Galvão comments on repercussions of ADCC title

Galvão in absolute final against Pablo Popovitch / Photo: Daren Bartlett

André Galvão is emblazoned on the pages of GRACIEMAG 176, featuring in the ADCC coverage and the “Face to Face” interview section.

At the event in Nottingham, Galvão won at weight and open weight. With the result, the black belt earns the right to face Bráulio Estima, the winner of the supermatch against Ronaldo Jacaré. The encounter will take place in two years; the countdown has begun!

“Two years is a long ways away. By then we’ll be different fighters. All you can predict is that we’ll be really well prepared,” he comments in the issue.

This year leaving the absolute final as the victor, two years ago Galvão experienced the situation in reverse.

“At ADCC 2009 I made the cover of GRACIEMAG stuck in that vile triangle of Bráulio’s! Rest assured I’ll be ready to get even; I want to make the cover, but without the discomfort,” he adds.

To find out more, subscribe to GRACIEMAG here to get your copy in the comfort of your own home.

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