Anderson to train angelic voice for cartoon voice-overs

Anderson faces the crowd in photo from

If the challenge issued by Chael Sonnen comes to pass and the American happens to defeat the Brazilian and capture the UFC middleweight belt, current champ Anderson Silva won’t be left twiddling his thumbs. According to website “Último Segundo,” Anderson has now begun training to become a voice-over artist for cartoons.

Yesterday at Rio de Janeiro’s Cine Odeon movie house, award-winning documentary “Anderson Silva: Like Water” premiered at the Rio de Janeiro Film Festival, with the champion attending the event, in the company of his wife, Dayane, and five sons: Kaory, Gabriel, Kalyl, Kauana and João Vitor – not to mention five stocky bodyguards. All to protect the star, whose popularity just keeps shooting through the roof and whose face features on the cover of the UFC video game and who was invited by Canadian popstar Justin Bieber to attend his concert in Rio, among other appearances.

“There’s still much for me to do in fighting but my dream is to one day be an actor,” said Silva, admitting that he might take on the challenge of doing voice-overs for cartoons. “This is all very knew to me, I’ll have to prepare. But I think it’s all about training to do it. I’ll try, I’ll train for it,” said the fighter in his trademark voice.

The movie “Anderson Silva: Like Water” will be shown across Brazil but the opening date hasn’t yet been set.

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