Anderson may fight in soccer stadium in June, says newspaper

In an interview while he was driving a Nascar car in Phoenix, Arizona, Anderson Silva prooved to the SB Nation website that he is tired of being so nice, About archrival Chael Sonnen, the undisputed middleweight champion was very candid and indicated that the rematch is closer to becoming a reality, despite not being scheduled yet.

“I don’t like that guy! If he wants to fight me again, he better go to Brazil. Chael talks too much. I’m ready to face him. He only has to get on a plane and fly to Brazil,” said Anderson, angry with the latest provoking made by Sonnen, who said that would not only take Silva’s belt away but also would go to his house and slap Anderson’s wife.

Closer and closer of happening in Brazil, the fight could take place at UFC Rio, on January 14th. Another possibility is for the fight to happen next July, in São Paulo. According to Brazilian newspaper “O Estado de São Paulo”, the reality show “The Ultimate Fighter” will be televised by Brazilian Globo TV Network and Anderson would be the big attraction, fighting June 16th, a Saturday. The Morumbi Stadium is said to be the stage.

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