Anderson and Gabi inaugurate Corinthians MMA and Jiu-Jitsu center

3-d mock-up of the training center / Publicity photo

If yesterday Brazilian big-league soccer club Corinthians played to a draw, today the team scored a major goal, in the fight world. Anderson Silva and Gabrielle Garcia in attendance, the club inaugurated the training center that is meant to change the lives of hundreds of poor children and perhaps produce the next Anderson Silva or Gabi Garcia.

The Alliance team champion will be one of the teachers at the Jiu-Jitsu academy, to begin operations on the 1st of November. Initially, there will be room for one hundred students, as well as some youths farmed by the club. Sign-ups are already open.

“It’s an outreach project within to club, to help young people. We’ll be working on scouting new talent,” said Anderson on Terra website.

“Anderson was involved in the project and participated in every detail. Little by little, he’ll set his career as a fighter aside to look into other things,” explained project coordinator and former fighter João Guilherme.

“The academy is of the highest standard possible. There aren’t that many places in São Paulo that have an octagon and an area like this one for training. To produce new talent you have to work on technique, the foundations. This academy will be a hotbed for great fighters from all across Brazil. And it’s not going to be a long time in happening. They’re going to stand out right away,” opined the ADCC 2011 champion.

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