Alliance loses champion hit by car in Brazil

Class at Alliance Campinas. The team is in mourning.

A fast Audi, a drunk driver, and young Kaio César on the way.

The 23 year-old Alliance Campinas athlete with a brilliant future in the Sport died ran over by a car when he stopped to use a public telephone, early morning this Friday, in Campinas, São Paulo. He was coming back from his girlfriend’s house when was hit on the sidewalk. According to the police, the car was being part of an illegal car race when the driver lost control of the vehicle.

Kaio, Brazilian runner-up champion and São Paulo champion in the brown adult category, was preparing to compete on this weekend in São Paulo state and was dreaming with the World Championship in 2012.

According to his father, Gilberto Muniz Ribeiro, the young man was teaching at gyms to collect money to travel to the U.S. “A part of me is gone. My life is over”.

His professor Elias Abdalla Neto talked about Kaio and his relationship with Jiu-Jitsu. “He was humble, simple, quiet. Didn’t like to fight outside a combat, never said bad things about anybody. He was very nice, no addictions, didn’t go to nightclubs at night. He had never put a drop of alcohol in his mouth. It’s cowardice. If it was a common accident… but an illegal car race, it’s very sad”.

Kaio César Alves Muniz Ribeiro was rescued by firefighters and taken to the hospital Dr. Mario Gatti, but didn’t resist. He was buried Saturday morning in the Cemetery of Saudade, in Campinas. The informations are from the website

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