All set for Jungle Fight at Flamengo

Crocotá will headline the event. Photo: publicity.

Jungle fight will hold its year-end event at Flamengo soccer club this Saturday. This Friday the promoters held a press conference and all the fighters were there, as was organizational president Wallid Ismail.

The headlining fight for Saturday’s who will be Edilberto Crocotá versus Sergio Junior, and a number of foreign fighters will feature on the card, like Russia’s Igor Vasilyew, who faces Ildemar Marajó, and Hawaii’s Andrew Smith, who squares off with Nelson Martins.

Overseeing assembly of the ring, Wallid went out of his way to thank Flamengo and exalted the level of professionalism MMA has reached in Brazil.

“The event will be broadcast in forty countries, live on Combate channel in Brazil and on ESPN in the States. That’s unbelievable. We’ve started to draw the world’s attention to Brazilian talent. MMA is the fastest growing sport on the planet and Brazil continues to find success in it. I’d also like to thank Cacau (Flamengo-Gavea vice president) and (Flamengo) president Patricia Amorim, who gave their support in putting together this Jungle Fight,” said Wallid.

Check out the complete card:

77Kg – Edilberto Crocotá (Champion Team) vs. Sergio Jr (Platinum Team);

66Kg – Renato Moicano (Constrictor Team) vs. Eduardo Kiko (Gracie Fusion)

84Kg – Gilberto”GIBA”Galvão (Fusion, RFT) vs. Dimitrius Burgos (PRVT)

84k – Jackson Mora (PERU) vs. Ildemar Marajó (Striker Team);

70Kg – Francisco”Massaranduba” Trinaldo vs. Bruno “Crocop” Lobato(PRVT)

93Kg – Nelson Martins (De la Riva) vs. Bruno Capelosa (RYAN GRACIE XF)

77Kg – Tadeu ’FOMIGA’ Mendonça (RYAN GRACIE XF) vs. Wendell Negão (Gracie Fusion)

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