ADFC selects new fighters in Dubai

The Abu Dhabi Fighting Championship is holding the first qualification fight on December 3 for the upcoming round three in March, to select fighters for the event. I SEE are announcing the start of the bi-monthly Top-Fights hosted at Chi @ The Lodge in Dubai on Friday December 3. The fights will serve as qualifiers for  the upcoming ADFC round three set for March 11, 2011 in Abu Dhabi.

Amateur mixed martial artists from around the region will travel to Dubai to compete against other MMA hopefuls in the outdoor venue, marking the first time the ADFC Cage will be set up in open air, for a chance to compete in the March championship grand finale. Organizers have not identified exactly how many fighters will be picked for the main event, “That will depend on the number and quality of the fighters that compete, but what we do know is that there will be tough choice as there are so many fighters who are training day and night and who harbor intense passions for becoming a part of ADFC” says Randall Yogachandra, COO of I SEE.

The third round of the championship will host the open weight final fight between Marcos Oliveira and Shamil Abdurahimov. The two contenders have fought their way to the final round and will now face off in March to see who will be the first fighter to don the ADFC title belt and win the one million-dirham grand prize.

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